Invention of telephone changed way people interact english language essay

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How Has Technology Changed Communication?

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Short Essay on Telephone

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My Essay Point

Technology has changed way of the communication. New type communication methods are faster, easier and prevalent than those of past. Cell phones have vastly changed the way we communicate today. A cell phone can be all you need for communicating.

From a cell phone you can make calls, text message, BBM message, email, send and receive directions, go on the Internet, buy things, do online banking, listen to music and much more.

There is no question that easy access to the Internet, like the introduction of mail service and the invention of the telephone, has changed the nature of people’s connection to others in their social world.

Social media has also changed the way that we interact, mainly the way we have lost some of our social skills. Some people are completely incapable of carrying on a normal conversation or interacting with people in person because of the dependency of social media.

Social networks are becoming one of the dominant ways we communicate. The invention of new gadgets such as mobile phones made communication easier by allowing people to communicate from anywhere. An underestimated impact of mobile gadgets is the effect they have on the nature of communication.

The invention of the telephone has made our lives much easier. Before the telephone was invented people use to communicate by fire or a light from a torch. Native Americans actually developed a more complex system of signaling with fire by controlling the release of the smoke, but such smoke /5(7).

Invention of telephone changed way people interact english language essay
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